Government Innovation

Performing government functions more efficiently and equitably is critical for state and local governments. May 8 helps governments to design and implement evidence-based policies and programs to provide meaningful outcomes in diverse areas such as zoning, housing, inclusive economic development neighborhood revitalization and sustainability.

Philadelphia Equitable Development Platform 2023

PACDC’s Equitable Development Policy Platform offers 22 recommendations to lay the foundation for a thriving and inclusive future for Philadelphia that benefits all communities, all residents and all workers. Over 100 community leaders and residents were interviewed to identify 22 recommendations that fall into six categories: Quality of Life, Inclusive Communities, Anti-Displacement, Housing, Economic Development … Continue reading Philadelphia Equitable Development Platform 2023

Rental Code Enforcement in Philadelphia

To determine how Philadelphia’s current system is addressing the quality of rental housing, particularly in low-income neighborhoods, this report provides an in-depth examination of the rental regulation system in the city—and the corresponding systems in other major cities. The research found that Philadelphia’s regulatory approach is less comprehensive than those in some other places. For … Continue reading Rental Code Enforcement in Philadelphia

From Blight To Bright

Every official, resident, and business owner in every Pennsylvania community can agree on one fact: for Pennsylvania communities to thrive, a majority of the roughly 300,000 vacant properties in the Commonwealth must be put into productive reuse. This manual presents the most effective tools available to Pennsylvania local governments to return vacant properties to productive … Continue reading From Blight To Bright

Pennsylvania Community Revitalization Desktop Guide

Community Revitalization Desktop Guide was created for the State of Pennsylvania in order to provide local government officials with a comprehensive model for community revitalization. The Guide is based upon an analysis of what has worked over thirty years of city and town revitalization efforts. This Desktop Guide shares a detailed three-step process for attracting high-impact … Continue reading Pennsylvania Community Revitalization Desktop Guide

If We Fix It, They Will Come

If We Fix It, They Will Come recommends ten specific actions the City of Philadelphia should take to modernize its development review process and reform its zoning code in order to encourage growth and private investment. The report was endorsed by over a dozen respected city organization who formed the “When We Fix It Coalition.” This … Continue reading If We Fix It, They Will Come