Preserving, constructing and improving the health of housing is critical for communities. May 8 works with communities to create action plans to preserve existing affordable private market housing, build a diverse housing supply, prevent unnecessary foreclosures and evictions and improve housing condition. May 8’s housing action plans start with the premise that the most affordable home is the one a family lives in now.

Tennessee Preemption Law Reversed

May 8 has had the extraordinary opportunity to work with the City of Chattanooga’s Chief Housing Officer Nicole Heyman since 2022 to create the city’s first comprehensive policy, program and funding framework to address its affordable housing challenges.  Chattanooga is making extraordinary progress understanding and responding to its sizable housing deficit.  Yet Tennessee state law … Continue reading Tennessee Preemption Law Reversed

Evaluating the Impact of Critical Home Repairs on the Wealth and Financial Well-Being of Low-Income Black Homeowners in Richmond Virginia:  A Mixed Methods Study

This study seeks to determine the causal effect that critical home repairs have on the preservation of Black wealth in neighborhoods vulnerable to displacement.  May 8 is working with the Partnership for Housing Affordability in Richmond Virginia with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Utilizing data obtained from surveys conducted among low-income Black households … Continue reading Evaluating the Impact of Critical Home Repairs on the Wealth and Financial Well-Being of Low-Income Black Homeowners in Richmond Virginia:  A Mixed Methods Study

Philadelphia Equitable Development Platform 2023

PACDC’s Equitable Development Policy Platform offers 22 recommendations to lay the foundation for a thriving and inclusive future for Philadelphia that benefits all communities, all residents and all workers. Over 100 community leaders and residents were interviewed to identify 22 recommendations that fall into six categories: Quality of Life, Inclusive Communities, Anti-Displacement, Housing, Economic Development … Continue reading Philadelphia Equitable Development Platform 2023

Healthy Rowhouse Project

In April 2014 the Oak Foundation invited us to imagine strategies to preserve and increase the city of Philadelphia’s affordable housing at a time when real estate prices are rising. May 8 CEO Karen Black proposed to Oak that Philadelphia would benefit from new loan and grant models to provide home repairs at scale in order to … Continue reading Healthy Rowhouse Project

No Place Like Home

Philadelphia’s Approach to Foreclosure Preventions Policy Evaluation May 8 details how Philadelphia’s foreclosure prevention model begun in 2008 has worked, how it can be replicated in other cities, and how it can be improved to better serve at-risk homeowners. Philadelphia was one of the first jurisdictions in the country to adopt a new foreclosure prevention … Continue reading No Place Like Home

Going Mod

Reducing Housing Costs in Philadelphia with Modular Construction Since 2004, May 8 has worked actively with a coalition of Philadelphia non-profit and for-profit organizations to bring down the cost of construction in Philadelphia in order to encourage investment. In the report, Going Mod, May 8 and partners attempt to conclusively determine whether modular construction can … Continue reading Going Mod

Effectively Preserving Philadelphia’s Workforce Housing Stock

May 8 worked with leading state, regional and city housing organizations to create a strategy around preserving Philadelphia’s existing occupied housing. Eighty percent of Philadelphia’s homes are over 40 years old, 12% are in substandard condition and more homes are loss to age and deferred maintenance than to foreclosure. This white paper was the result … Continue reading Effectively Preserving Philadelphia’s Workforce Housing Stock