Preserving, constructing and improving the health of housing is critical for communities. May 8 works with communities to create action plans to preserve existing affordable private market housing, build a diverse housing supply, prevent unnecessary foreclosures and evictions and improve housing condition. May 8’s housing action plans start with the premise that the most affordable home is the one a family lives in now.

Healthy Rowhouse Project

In April 2014 the Oak Foundation invited us to imagine strategies to preserve and increase the city of Philadelphia’s affordable housing at a time when real estate prices are rising. May 8 CEO Karen Black proposed to Oak that Philadelphia would benefit from new loan and grant models to provide home repairs at scale in order to … Continue reading Healthy Rowhouse Project

No Place Like Home

Philadelphia’s Approach to Foreclosure Preventions Policy Evaluation May 8 details how Philadelphia’s foreclosure prevention model begun in 2008 has worked, how it can be replicated in other cities, and how it can be improved to better serve at-risk homeowners. Philadelphia was one of the first jurisdictions in the country to adopt a new foreclosure prevention … Continue reading No Place Like Home

Going Mod

Reducing Housing Costs in Philadelphia with Modular Construction Since 2004, May 8 has worked actively with a coalition of Philadelphia non-profit and for-profit organizations to bring down the cost of construction in Philadelphia in order to encourage investment. In the report, Going Mod, May 8 and partners attempt to conclusively determine whether modular construction can … Continue reading Going Mod

Effectively Preserving Philadelphia’s Workforce Housing Stock

May 8 worked with leading state, regional and city housing organizations to create a strategy around preserving Philadelphia’s existing occupied housing. Eighty percent of Philadelphia’s homes are over 40 years old, 12% are in substandard condition and more homes are loss to age and deferred maintenance than to foreclosure. This white paper was the result … Continue reading Effectively Preserving Philadelphia’s Workforce Housing Stock